About Us

HAG Commodities is one of the most proficient Rice millers and exporters from Pakistan. Being an ever so friendly business, HAG has made relations across the globe and is admired by its clientele as not just a reliable supplier of Rice but an actual Rice Partner from Pakistan. Keeping in view that trust and wholeheartedly adhering to our overseas Partner’s needs, the Company has set remarkable standards with achieving repeated applause from audience HAG serves. It is a desire to maintain and even excel in delivering consistent quality produces from Pakistan worldwide making and serving more Partners in global Rice trade.

For generations in Agri business, HAG Commodities has been playing a cardinal role in catering to international and domestic needs of Rice consumers with also transforming farmers and growers including Organizations as well as all associated with HAG exceed their expectation towards a friendly nature with day to day innovations and dramatic technological breakthroughs.

HAG Commodities, takes pride in agreeing to the fact that it is never a single soul behind matchless rise in business which is why HAG has been gifted with professionals who not only know Rice trade but seems as they were born particularly for being Rice guys. Let us prove ourselves as one of the most capable millers and exporter of rice, a one-stop shop for your rice needs.

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